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That's all good and fine.

Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
Their statistical analysis isolated a trend line which falls outside that of natural variability,written in the proxy records.
The last time Earth saw over 400ppmv of carbon dioxide,the oceans were 75-100 feet higher than today.
*Water vapor is good for 50% of the warming
*Clouds are good for 20%.
*Anthropogenic greenhouse gases are the other 30%.
Without removing the extra GHGs,Earth will continue to warm,evaporation will increase,which will drive water vapor higher,in a self-amplifying feedback loop.It's happened before,it will happen again.
*The greatest threat is relative humidity (latent heat) and 'Real Feel' temperature.Mammals cannot survive beyond 35-degrees C heat index.
If you want an example of what awaits us,just look at Mercury and Venus.
Venus is basically twice as far from the Sun as Mercury,but twice as hot.The only reason is it's carbon dioxide atmosphere.As we continue to add carbon dioxide,Methane, and Nitrous oxide to the atmosphere,we become more and more like Venus (844-F,day and night)
Earth would be -100 F without the little bit of GHG that we have.
But what if they have missed something and the heating continues even after the Western World has crippled their economies to reduce the drivers of greenhouse gasses? The seesaw is finely balanced and if something as simple as albedo or a combination of other un-forseen variables still tip us into a heating path, then where are we?

War and pestilence is easily the result of lesser stressors.

A headlong rush into a silver bullet solution (solar, wind ) can leave us wide open to a blind side wallop if we realize we forgot to read the signs more closely.
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