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But what if they have missed something and the heating continues even after the Western World has crippled their economies to reduce the drivers of greenhouse gasses? The seesaw is finely balanced and if something as simple as albedo or a combination of other un-forseen variables still tip us into a heating path, then where are we?
But what if they have missed something and the heating prevents winter storms and takes the edge off the next Ice Age?

Comments from the fine article:

As E-P points out the stability of 50/60HZ comes from the mechanical inertia of all the motors and generators spinning in the grid. Originally this was
'free' in the sense that as only spinning generators could make power (on a large scale) you got the inertia whether you wanted it or not.
As you add non synchronous generation the inertia declines. So you have to add inertia somewhere. Real or synthetic.
The first of these CAES plants were built to store cheap off peak power from nukes.
If you had a mountain you would use pumped hydro.
The salt caverns are also a geographic feature that can be exploited. No more no less.
At the moment all the seasonal storage of gas in the US (and quite a lot in Europe) is stored in such caverns,
'In an article by Sonal Patel in POWER, the author focused on clarifying what that 1,000 MW of renewable power actually represents. The project could store up 1,000 MW of renewable energy year-round. It could be provided to "variability-challenged" Western power markets.

Patel also said that, responding to a request for clarification about the 1,000-MW figure attributed to the facility, which will comprise both storage and power generation, "MHPS said on May 31 ACES is still in the project scoping phase, and that the next step, which entails securing off-taker agreements for power, would determine the mix between renewable hydrogen, CAES, solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC), and flow batteries."

So, renewable hydrogen is not the only technology on tap. Three others are involved to serve the needs of 150,000 households for a year. The ACES initiative will deploy a total of four types of clean energy storage at utility scale. Joining renewable hydrogen are compressed air energy storage; large-scale flow batteries; and solid oxide fuel cells.'
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