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Originally Posted by mpg_numbers_guy View Post
I'll give in, as I haven't driven either of those other roads lol. I've been to 21 or 22 states, but I haven't been to the northwest at all yet, although I'd love to someday.

I-57 is pretty much just flat with fields all around you, and maybe a wind turbine or two in the horizon.

Tennessee, Texas, and especially California have some of my favorite roads. Virginia is pretty, but it's too hilly and my car doesn't like hills, so it distracts from the scenery.
See I like the hills, though when I was down in Indiana/Kentucky a couple years ago we were driving our caravan, long before I had thoughts about hyper milling. Which is rather ironic because for that trip gas was right around $4/gallon. I don't know that I'd enjoy the drive as much in my Geo, but a manual car with a little sportiness too it would be fun in the twisties.

Altogether ND has a lot of really boring drives, although Roosevelt Park is a nice drive, and a lot of good scenery down in that corner of the state.
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