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Originally Posted by Shaneajanderson View Post
See I like the hills, though when I was down in Indiana/Kentucky a couple years ago we were driving our caravan, long before I had thoughts about hyper milling. Which is rather ironic because for that trip gas was right around $4/gallon. I don't know that I'd enjoy the drive as much in my Geo, but a manual car with a little sportiness too it would be fun in the twisties.

Altogether ND has a lot of really boring drives, although Roosevelt Park is a nice drive, and a lot of good scenery down in that corner of the state.
Oh, don't get me wrong on this, I love driving back roads with hills and turns and such, especially going downhill leaving the car in 2nd and just riding the curves. It's the long, extended uphill climbs on the interstate that bug me a bit lol. Virginia has some really pretty hilly back roads with gorgeous scenery.

The Geo would probably be more fun through the twisties than a large Caravan; my Insight is probably pretty comparable to your Metro int terms of handling, and although it's no Civic or Miata, it is definitely more fun through the curves than a Prius or minivan on the same road.

Have you taken any longer drives in the Metro yet?
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