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Originally Posted by Shaneajanderson View Post
Keep in mind that hypermiling always comes secondary to safety. You may be able to pull that corner at speed when it's sunny, 75, with no wind. But what happens if it rained while you were at work and you don't realize that bit of ground is still wet. Or what if someone drove over that piece of ground and their car leaked some oil there? What if there's a little bit of sand/gravel on that stretch?

I would use the transmission to slow down as much as you can (if you have a manual), but definitely don't take corners at top speed, the little bit of fuel you save doing that won't nearly cover the cost if you wipe out just one time.
I agree about safety. I never take that turn at anything remotely approaching 10/10ths. But I am going fast enough that I can feel the tire scrub.

As for starting the plunge at the lowest possible speed, it is at the end of a long downhill that flatens out for a good half mile, so I am typically in DFCO, 4th gear, a bit under 30, which is just above idle. If I slowed more, I would be idling or in 3rd in DFCO. I do not EOC as I have been told that it isn't a good thing for CR TDIs.

As for driving hills in general, this is one thing I really like about the TDI. It is amazing how well this thing pulls hills without a downshift. The other day I was climbing a moderately steep long interstate grade in 6th. There was a fair bit of traffic, so my eyes were on it, rather than the speedo. Midway up the hill, I notice I am passing cars at a pretty good clip, so I look down at the speedo, expecting to see something under 70. I was at about 82.

I've never had a car before where I thought I might be ticketed simply because I wasn't paying attention to speed, while climbing a hill.
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