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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
There's a Valley Research in Austin, TX. Valley Research Service

I found out today there are posters who avoid The Lounge because it makes them think about this stuff. It isn't just environmentalism [Club of Rome], they've gone on to Occupy the minds of little children.

I found this to be a good overview of the cultural landscape (from a Youtube perspective of course). Two people with differing perspectives sitting on a couch talking to each other. Carl defers to Felix by blurring his half of the screen and superimposing his logo over his face. That's apparently a condition on interviews.

His perspective is from Japan (where Shinto and Buddhism coexist) but apparently he's leaving there soon.

My note (I think it was from this): "Sanders is a moderate and Tulsi is a right-wing loon".

The German Greens were the ones that put a 20lb molten copper slug through the side of a[n industrialist's] bulletproof Mercedes, fired from a roadside mailbox.
I watched some of it.I don't really have an audio memory.I would have to spend a few hours doing a transcript of their conversation before I could then begin to study it and get anything out of it.It's a weakness I have.Text has always been best for me.
I'm also not a political animal,so it's especially demanding,as politicians swim in waters that have never appealed to me.Many words,little substance.It's not a criticism,just how it's been for me.
I'll watch the debates this week.It will be so specific and focused,I'll be able to keep track of it.Beyond that,I'm struggling to capture a theme,while the narrators have already moved twenty moves down the chessboard.
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