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RE NeilBlanchard: ...he says without comment.

Suspicious 0bsservers touched on this this morning. Meanwhile...
This week's Paris Airshow saw the launch of the world's first commercial all-electric passenger aircraft -- albeit in prototype form. Israeli firm Eviation says the craft -- called Alice -- will carry nine passengers for up to 650 miles (1,040km) at 10,000ft (3,000m) at 276mph (440km/h). It is expected to enter service in 2022. Alice is an unconventional-looking craft: powered by three rear-facing pusher-propellers, one in the tail and two counter-rotating props at the wingtips to counter the effects of drag. It also has a flat lower fuselage to aid lift.
Other interesting headlines on Slashdot at this time:

I wouldn't want a crypto system that requires HTML. Especially Facespook's Libra. Yikes.
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