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Hamburguers... You have the box with forzen hamburger in supermarket, sold with relative low price, and you have the high quality burger of special burger houses, made with better meat with no or few artificial things.

Supermarket burgers have fake meat since they took many pieces that are quite nerves (white fibrous thing on muscle) cartilage, fat, things a good chef would take away but the industry want to cash over, and so industry adds artificial flavors to it get the taste of the red meat portion, red muscle portion. They use the lowest quality meat for burgers, with all bad parts, and also the bad parts removed from other pieces of meat like from better meat pieces for products of higher value. So, to fool consumers they developed fake flavors and fake scent to cover such things.

I saw reviews and some people told the second generation burgers (impossible foods and Beyound Meat) come very close to supermarket burgers, specially Impossible Foods last version. But for high end burger houses...

Impossible Food's Imposssible Burger have a vegetable hemoglobin, while Beyound Meat's Beyound Burger have no such thing. Impossible Burguer now it's made with soy protein, while the earlier version used potato protein and wheat protein. Soy protein it's much less expensive than meat, but the vegetable hemoglobin it's still somewhat costly, I guess.

Originally Posted by fusion210 View Post
I haven't kept up with it, but pretty exciting! I'd pay a few bucks more as long as it doesn't have any weird in it like the latest fake meat contenders.

Still need to try one of those burgers where mushroom is mixed into the meat, has anyone here had one?

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