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Cows are killed when they can no longer reproduce or no longer produce milk. Even chicken used to produce eggs are killed when they no longer can produce eggs.

Cows was the first "vaccine", since a type of bovine smallpox was passed from cows to humans, but in humans it only gave some harmless lesion on hands, but it gave imunization against the human smallpox that was lethal.

Do you know about the African Bees invasion on USA?
Well, you can blame Brazil for that, since there was no african bees on American Continent until a brazilian university start a project to try to breed different bees varieties to increase honey production, many decades ago, and they brought from Africa some samples of african bees. They alowed, by accident, one queen bee to scape and they started to reproduce and migrate from South America, Central America until reach North America USA.

Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
I mention it because I saw some discussion about it. Bees only live for a week and they live to make honey. Smoke is an anesthetic to them, they don't even miss the honey, they just make more. We just let them be all they can be.

Also, cows like being milked.

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