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Interesting... Maybe there are no moral objection for vegans to eat honey. Unless there is something else we don't know. Some people don't eat arguing that it's a product originated from animals.
But the arguments against animalmproducts, besides the morals, are about toxins, like from meat, and other compounds that may be less health than products from vegetables. But I don't think honey have toxins or more toxins the beans and other grains. Indeed may be better than brown sugar.

Edited : I did a research and found many bees are killed by the smoke and during centrifugation of honeycombs.
That's why many vegans don't eat honey.

Spider webb fibers are stronger than kevilar. You may don't notice cause you can broke it easily, but it's just because you broke ultra fine microscopic fibers. Scientists are tring to replicate in laboratory.

Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
The bees are fed sugar water to replace the honey they would normally consume.

Honey is their way to preserve energy for future consumption, but it's not needed because humans provide their energy as needed.

I'm always amazed that we rely so heavily on animals to produce things that are useful to us. I'd have thought we could artificially create the chemistry and mechanical processing required to make synthetic honey, for instance. Or how about spinning silk?

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