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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
High temperatures for the past few weeks has been high 60s, low 70s here. Lows have dipped into high 40s. This is unusually cool. We should be in low-mid 80s this time of year. Should be in the 90s by 4th of July.

On a tangent subject, apparently birch trees are dying in the area due to non-native beetles. Of course, the birch trees probably aren't native either. Perhaps climate change has provided a way for these beetles to thrive? Perhaps they just hadn't been introduced until somewhat recently? Anyhow, I lost my ~30 year old tree last summer and removed it this spring. Not happy about that.
I've seen some articles about pine-beetle and bark-beetle infestations and tree kill.Evidently,all the beetles need are the warmer temps to migrate.Some other articles say that if the trees are on a N-S range,and given enough time,they'll eventually migrate north into colder climes,or move to higher elevations to escape the heat.The bummer is,that the soil types aren't necessarily acceptable,nor their ability to support the subsoil microbial life critical for certain tree species,soil moisture,drainage,pH,etc.. It's a delicate dance.
Too bad about the 30-yr-old.That's not something you just 'replace.'
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