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Originally Posted by Hersbird View Post
But a 40 mpg empty pickup is much better than all the under 20 mpg empty pickups out there doing everyday single occupant commuting. Because not everyone can have 5+ vehicles to be the perfect tool for each situation. I'm down to 2 vehicles worth less than $10,000 total. Sure I'd love a Prius for commuting, a Wrangler for off road, a 3/4 ton diesel for towing, and a minivan for family highway trips, and a Mustang for fun. Instead I have a cheap 3/4 ton Suburban for 3/5ths of those things, and a minivan for 1/5th and the fun has to come from friends and family along for the ride.
Wouldn't it be worthwhile to buy a 4 banger junk wagon for commuting? I mean I paid 350 for my metro, about $50 to register it, and $95 for CV shafts, and I've already saved over that in fuel in the couple months I've been driving it.
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