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What do E.U. LRR tire labels tell us about North American tires? Anything?

I decided to do some research online into European rolling resistance standards and their labelling system. What I found is an interesting, but it’s mostly just tantalizingly suggestive a specification we might find in the variety of tires in the United States that also claimed to be of low rolling resistance.

The tire models sold in Europe are somewhat to quite significantly different from the United States models even when brands might be similar. The Bridgestone Ecopias that so many efficient-minded drivers in North America like are different (& apparently better) in Europe.

Here is a description of how the label works, the testing regime, and what the different ratings mean for actual coefficient of rolling resistance. Then I’ve gathered some screenshots I took from a E.U. governed online seller (, compared to similar tires in the United States at Tire Rack ( I think it’s revealing how the European system of labeling puts the lie to some claims of a "Green" or "Eco" tire. Some such products rate low on the European Union’s list of efficient tires.

And notice what Nokian & Michelin claim: highest LRR and wet traction ratings… hmmm… really?!

I'll come back to edit, fix any typos, & add a citation later... gotta get to an appointment.






"EU Tyre Labelling Regulation..." (Nov. 30, 2011), 2-4.
Tire Rack:

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