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Fermented soy have no polemic, and that's why misso, soy sauce, curry, natto and tempeh are fully safe.
But keep atention if your soy aouce was natural fermented and not chemical (fake) fermented.

Non fermentred soy have some polemic but it'a not for much concern unless you only eat soy as protein source.

Soy fhytoestrogen (isoflavone) have no harm to men, and indeed it's not very like estrogen, otherwise it would help women a lot more than in reality.

About anti-nutrients, soy have it, but beams also have, and cooking destroy most, and if ou le thet grains 12 hour in water before cooking it is lowered even more.

Some vegan burgers manufacturers are using pea protein extracts mixed with wheat protein extracts, and not soy or justr soy.
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