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Forgive me for the fast type and errors.

Yes, for soy grains or even bean grains, you must let it on water, soaking, full covering it, for 12 hours or more (better 24hrs), and change the water a couple of times or more (better 4x times), replace with clean water as the old water get some color. And when cook, don't use the water from soaking, but new water. Also cook on pan boiling in high temerature for at least 10 minutes, or pressure cooker, since the high heat also helps neutralzie some anti-nutrients. Do not cook in low temperatures !!!
Some nutrients go away in the soaking, but are ther much less than the nutrients non absorbed by your body due the anti-nutrients factors, so in the end the soaking and high temperature approachs wins.

If you have slow digestion of feel not ok after eat beans, these types will help.

Another trick it's to let the grain geminates just a little bit (after soaking process), just a little up to a very tiny "small tail" appears. When the grain geminates, even a bit, it became more nutricious and easier for digestion. But some people may confuses the tiny little tail, in the cooked grain, and think it's worms.

For germination you must keep grains weat and in the dark, after the soaking process. But wather with few water. Youtube teachs the germination tips.
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