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Originally Posted by aardvarcus View Post
My friend, i believe you have misinterpreted my first paragraph. I am not stating one particular number is the magic number. I was rebutting the idea that a user modifying the vehicle "increases" the axle/gcvwr/ other ratings. E.g.overload air bags let you tow/haul more. Also i applaud the op for paying attention to any numbers most people dont.

Grew up around class A with hasmat. Family run business. Went a different path risk to reward equation has been messed up since the insurance spikes of 2001.

We always ran good equipment except for the pickup truck.

Unfortunately right and wrong in the eyes of the law is up for interpretation when something goes wrong and the lawyers come out. We probably will not agree on this point, i hope for your sake we never do.

I am personally making it a point to keep my vehicles withing axle, gvwr, gcvwr, and tow ratings for their planned uses. Overkill? Maybe. But it helps me sleep at night (literally). Thus i am better rested and therefore a better driver.

I agree most marketing is just nonsense. But at a certain point i dont want the tail wagging the dog. I also grow weary of undersized components wearing out. Bigger isnt better, but better is better.
gotcha! From that perspective, you make perfect sense, not actually too far from where I land.

The payload capacity is gonna be the hardest to satisfy. I’m not that familiar with what pickups or SUVs are capable of, but 1600lbs is a lot, though certainly not unreasonable for a family + gear. I don’t think you want to undersize yourself. Math will help OP eliminate the underdogs (keeping in mind not everybody is yet playing by a universal rule book for those ratings, like the J2807 I mentioned), pick what you like from what’s left.

Also the payload can be played with by loading it properly in whatever you’re towing, which IMHO helps you leverage your tow rig’s capabilities.


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