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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
But the sun and clouds don't effect the climate.
According to the doomsday global warming cult.
We're in a grand solar minimum,yet the Earth continues to set average,mean,record near-surface temperatures each year.
Clouds cut both ways.While their albedo does reflect UV light away into space,they're also part of the most powerful greenhouse effect.
Contrails,thought to cool the Earth,actually hold more energy in,than they reflect out.Also,the water vapor which allows the clouds to form in the first place is part of what's going to kill us.Dry-bulb temperature tells us nothing of 'apparent heat' and what AccuWeather calls their 'Real Feel' temperature.You'd need a sling-psychrometer and a psychrometric chart to 'know' what your local conditions actually are.
If the fossil-fuel industry will simply release their 200-years of research science, that they've conducted to prove the safety of their products since day-one,we can drop the whole climate debate.Obviously,we're talking about the smartest people in the room.And because they're such a good neighbor,we already know that they'd never,ever,even,remotely consider,selling a product which might have the potential to alter the entire planet to the detriment of their neighbors.Right? And U.S.Senators,nor the President would have never allowed them,otherwise,they'd be violating their oath to protect We the People.
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