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Don_R_P • 14 hours ago
It won’t be sold under the Tesla brand name.

It will have an ACME nameplate and the target customers will be Coyotes in the Southwest in their never-ending quest to catch roadrunners.
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EHo • 19 hours ago
So you can blow past speed cameras with the license plate flipped down and obscured with a vapor tail? I see this becoming a popular feature.
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MorinMoss • 19 hours ago
"The automaker is currently taking reservations for the $200,000 base version with an expensive $50,000 deposit and for the $250,000 Founders Series for an even more insane $250,000 deposit.

Recently, Musk tempered expectations when it comes to the timing of the release of the new Tesla Roadster – saying that it is not a priority.

Tesla removed the vehicle from its product roadmap in recent presentations"

Why not? He's already got your money
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Dar Ribeiro • 12 hours ago
That sounds like one more gimmick to milk more money out of buyers. Tesla must have learned that sad trick from Apple. Next will be marketing water as dihydrogen oxide. Wake up, folks, hype is always hype.
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It goes downhill from there.

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