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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
It all part of Saharasia, what else should we expect?


If you like big data, then consider "It employed standard cross-cultural correlation tables on over 60 different variables, plus geographical mapping and quadruple blind research procedures to insure objectivity, and all the basic starting assumptions are clearly elucidated in advance."

You certainly don't have to have a top secret clearance to know what's been happening for the last 6000 years. Radiating waves of misery.

That seems to be a recurring theme. Reconcile with this: es

Scanning the results suggests forest fires equals half of all fossil fuel or all the [ICE] cars. Volcanoes are "carbon neutral"(?) but can ruin your whole day.

New post 'Evidence'

I've been watching this channel on Youtube:
Is Demeo the latest stand-up comedian? Do you actually believe that you could possibly quantify such a thing? He's a moron.Arguing how many angels that can dance on the head of a pin.
You do need a top-secret security clearance to know what's really behind 'officialdom.'
Carbon dioxide from forest fires and volcanoes is nothing compared to anthropogenic emissions.

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