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Originally Posted by RedDevil View Post
We just recorded the hottest day ever in the Netherlands, at 39.3 degrees Celsius.
The 1944 record (38.6) has jus not been broken several times over the last decade, but now it was beaten with a margin in many places in the southeast.

This record won't stand long though. Forecast for tomorrow is 1 degree on top of today.
The satellite image shows an enormous stationary,clockwise rotation in the Atlantic,with the air coming off the Sahara,and just rotating around,and slamming into Northern Europe.
I stayed a few nights in Haarlem back in April of 1997.There was no air conditioning.The snows had ended two weeks before I got there.It was great! It's hard to imagine 39.3-C. Especially pedaling a bicycle down to the central train station every day,to go to work.I'd have to jump into one of the canals!
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