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Thank you Daox, it was almost exactly as you said. I did not know it was that easy to convert my car to a 40mpg hybrid! Take note Ford, I will be looking for an engineering career once I graduate. While I was at it I noticed that I needed to change the SG2 from 3L to 2L; I no longer own a station-wagon.

It works though, and I got a chance to test out the rain-x at slow speeds. At slow speeds I can still see the road through the drops just fine. (All those years of running around without cleaning my glasses taught me a valuable lesson on not looking at the glass surface: Look past it and you see just fine)

A few questions if you do not mind:
-Will it make much of a difference if I put a rubber sheet from the aft lip of my hood to the window making a 'fillet' eliminating any eddy forces in the wiper well?
-How much of a difference would it make if I fill in and smooth all of the cracks and grooves? (For example; the huge gap between the headlights and the bumper, the huge crack just before the rear hatch)
-Would it be a good idea to remove the black trim pieces from the side of the car and fill in the holes? .5% reduction on air drag?
-Is it a bad idea to remove the bumper and attach the underbelly pan right under the headlamps?
-How about the bearings, even with the 50PSI tires the roll-down seems to fast. Would it be cost affective to replace the bearings with synthetic low friction grease?
-Any other low cost options to increase the MPG and longevity? (My too main goals)
-Is there any scientific evidence suggesting adding Lucus oil additive to mobile1 0w 20 does any good for anything?

I changed the oil with synthetic 5W 20 Royal purple and put in a #2009 M&K filter, right after I bought it. On the zx2 thread, someone said that we should be using mobile 0W 20, I will try that in 4.5K miles or so.

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