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I topped off my tank this morning after some mixed driving. (from both before and after recent mods)
164/3.964 = 41.37 * correction factor of .98 = 40.5 mpg

I picked up a friend two miles after topping off, than I spent two more miles around town. We set off to the country and I calibrated my SG2 so it would match the GPS within 1mph at 55mph. (2%) After that we set out to our destination up and down mild hills. When we got to the destination my SG2 said 56mpg average. Up from 51mpg (50mpg after retrospective correction) from the last time I went on almost the exact same trip. I then came back on the same roads for ~46 mpg according to SG2. I used engine off P&G from ~55mph-~20mph most of the way there and back.

After dropping my friend off I went on a slightly longer loop. The first half of this trip was mostly engine off pulse and glide, but this time I coasted almost all the way down to zero for ~80% of the leg. My peak was 67.1 mpg according to the SG2, The second half was on the highway going back home and it dropped my trip average down to 58.7mpg, with a total trip average speed of 30mph. I was at the gas station at this point and filled it up to the top again.
82.5/1.5684 = 52.6 * correction factor of .98 = 51.5 mpg.
This beat my old 1994 geo-metro's best fill up of ~47mpg from 2010!
Although that fill up was ~8 gallons not just 1.6 gallons, in addition to the Geo tank being from a daily work commute, not a ridicules 30mph average speed, hard core dedicated attempt in low traffic rural U.P. MI.

Not the best fill up of the decade technically: I once went on a road trip with a Gen2 Honda insight and got over 50mpg. (I can not remember the exact number)
BUT it IS the best fill up of any car I have owned; ever! 51.5! at 30MPH average.

I am guessing that the tires and the kill switch were the two biggest contributors. At some point next month I will be going on a 10 hour drive. (Non stop if my bladder can last that long) That will be the next big test, to see if I can beat my 46mpg tank average now that I have the SC2 and mods installed.

I have included more pictures including the wind-shield sprayer delete.

Any recommendation for the next 'lowest hanging fruit' to patch/mod on the cheap?
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