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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
I realize there are external circumstances which threaten to simplify, and I'm quite for efficiency which is why I'm on this forum. I'm simply pointing out that our increasing ability to do more with less (efficiency) is directly related to consumerism.

Though I lean Libertarian, I'm not a Libertarian, and I accept that artificially influencing an otherwise free market is sometimes necessary. I'm open to the idea of slowly and progressively increasing the federal tax on fossil fuels, for instance.

What I'm not ok with is subsidizing particular industries (EV incentives) or banning plastic grocery bags at the supermarket. Those ideas are retarded (not of developed quality).

... and I've always wondered why humanity hasn't figured out how to live on the sea in larger numbers. If it covers most of the surface of Earth, then it seems we should be utilizing more of it.
So let's begin with abolishing the oil depletion allowance,and it's equivalent with coal and natural gas industries.Adam Smith never advocated for government give-aways to joint-stock corporations.Let's have a real free market.Right?

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