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I had planned on being at the dealership when they opened, but I had a horrible time sleeping last night. Even though it was in the low sixties, I laid on top of my bed, and just sweated.

When I got up I kept thinking of things to research. Used Prius buyer's guide (didn't find anything useful), review of the dealership, etc. I harassed RedPoint and he suggested I installed Torque Pro and set up Prius-specific displays.

The ads were still up on Craigslist and the dealer's website. They did not respond to my e-mail asking about the VIN and mileage, so I drove out.

While I was overthinking, someone bought the car that I did not need and for which I did not have money.
I would have fixed up and sold both Hondas to pay the credit card debt.

It was sold hours ago, but the ads are still up. The Focus has 203,000 miles. The Accord is being sold for parts, which is not mentioned on-line.

The Prius was about $2,600 out the door.

It seems strange how helpful they were in-person, but they left out important details on-line.
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