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Shocks don’t last 40k. The hydraulic fluid may remain, but the gas charge has dissipated. IF KYB makes a set, they’re a bargain-brand BILSTEIN.

Gas-charged shocks are an innovation along the lines of electronic ignition: they work BETTER, LONGER and with distinctly improved performance.

Check for on-center steering slop. Adjust it out. That, and new shocks are a revelation.

Use a CAT SCALE to set tire pressure. Get a cold reading after an overnight stop before sun heats tires. Record.

At Scale, Steer & Drive Axle loads are shown separately. Use a Load & Pressure Table to establish the minimum. MORE than is necessary screws you on steering, handling and braking.

With a truck (especially one vulnerable to cross-winds) it’s the REDUCTION of driver input and degree thereof. Coupled to time. LESS IS BEST.

I’ll assume you’re using FUELLY already. Tank by tank MPG records are fairly meaningless. It’s an AVERAGE over 3-5k miles where it STARTS to make sense.

1). How long since front wheel bearings serviced? Time over miles for priority.

2). Same for rear axle fluid and wheel bearings. 15k or one year on oil. And, at thirty years, the rear wheel bearings/races should be examined and serviced.

If you don’t know how to adjust drum brakes, now is that time. A monthly service. Auto-adjusters notorious for not working well.

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