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The Sun and global warming-Part-3

*2006 NASA's Earth Science budget cut 66%,compared to 2004.
*Feb 10,2006 James Hansen,brief dscussion of tropical NASA-GISS climate simulations showed heat, right where hurricanes Katrina and Rita formed,and theirs was not the only model of it....intensification ,Conference: politics and science,New School for Social Research,Manhattan,N.Y..
*2006,new European Remote-sensing Satellites,ERS-1 & 2 launched.
*March 19,2006,Hansen and Rick Piltz appear on CBS' 60 Minutes
*March 23,2006,Cybercast News Service publishes first in series of hit pieces on Hansen in retalliation for 60Minutes show,written by Rush Limbaugh's producer,Marc Morano.
*March 26,2006,Disney-ABC's This Week,guest,George Will,characterizes renewed interest in global warming a creation of 'liberal media.'
*c April,9,2006,Chicago Sun-Times fact-checkers let a FoxNews,newspaper column of Robert Novak fall though the crackes,allowing Novaks false information,lifted from Michael Crichton's,2004,novel,'State of Fear',a *******ization of Hansen's 1988 data make it to print.
*June 2006,U.S. Senator,James Inhofe,(R),Oklahoma,hires Rush Limgaugh's producer,Marc Morano,as communications dorector for Inhofe's Committee on Environment and Public Works,who's already used Crichton as an expert (sic) witness on global warming.
*2006,Senator John McCain,(R) Arizona,in his 5th year of trying to convince President Bush of the significance of global warming.
*March,2006,'I think the only way to get any action now is for the public to get angry..." Hansen
*April,2006,Greenland ice loss now @ 311-billion tons/year.
*January,2007,National Association of Evangelicals (45,000 churches) declare for climate action.
*March,2007,George Deutsch,Philip Cooney,James Connaughton,testify before Congress's House Oversight Committee.
*2007,Americans using twice the energy of Europeans,with zero difference to their standard of living.
*2007,plants and animals migrating polewards,at 4-miles per decade.
*2007,global warming advancing at 35-miles per decade.
*2007,Arctic lifeforms have no where to migrate to
*2007,all researchers report,Greenland losing 110-billion tons more ice,along with fast-moving ice flows,ice-quakes
*April,2007,US Supreme Court rules:Federal Govt. has authority to regulate carbon dioxide emissions of cars and trucks
*2007,'fast','Charney' feedbacks observed for:water vapor,aerosols,clouds,sea-ice,tundra,permafrost,clathrates
*2007,Mountain glaciers experiencing 'Albedo flip.'
*2007,entire,700-cubic-mile Glacier Bay,Alaska,ice field is gone.
*2007,Alan Greenspan,along with other economists see some sense in imposing a 'rising' price,revenue-neutral,carbon-tax
*Summer,2007,Senator John Dingell,(D) Michigan,is first politician to broach the topic of a carbon tax
*2007,Cheney's point man,O'Donovan,leaves govt.service for Shell Oil co.
*2007,Cheney's Philip Cooney,leaves govt. service for ExxonMobil
*2008,Seasat laser-altimetry data now online
*2008,US NAVY's Geosat re-tasked for climate work
*Kyoto Treaty lapses
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