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Originally Posted by litesong View Post
Considering a 0.5% to be a 5% error, I can tell you ain't an aircraft engineer or any kind of engineer. My acceptances of 0.5% errors, are 0.5% calculations..... not "maybe 5% off". I wouldn't accept 5%. That is why my car, normally fitted with stock 175x70x14 inch tires now has 205x65x15 inch tires...... close clearances. Since changing two of my cars to much larger tires/wheels, they ride, handle, brake, & corner with superior results than new for the last 75,000 miles..... & no vehicle parts failures or problems with the bigger tires/wheels.
I'm glad the tires are working great for you. I like them larger too. Next time you have a long trip to make, use google maps and measure an approximately 100 mile long section of it. Then drive it. See if your stock odometer shows what google reports. The difference between google and the odometer gives you a multiplier. In my experience, google maps is very close to the GPS readings I get, though google rounds to the nearest tenth, and the GPS measures hundredths. Calculations based on reported tire diameters or revs per mile is just not enough data to know the actual distance traveled. I want to know the actual distance. With my current tires, which are larger than my stock size by quite a lot, I measured an undercount of over 7% when comparing my car's odometer to the GPS and google maps over an 86 mile stretch. It's significant.

See my car's mod & maintenance thread and my electric bicycle's thread for ongoing projects. I will rebuild Black and Green over decades as parts die, until it becomes a different car of roughly the same shape and color. My minimum fuel economy goal is 55 mpg while averaging posted speed limits. I generally top 60 mpg. See also my Honda manual transmission specs thread.

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