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I've wandered into Introductions sort of at random. This sounds like it's worth a build thread.

slowmover isn't wrong, and euromodder is right about 'the nut behind the wheel' but look around in the Aerodynamics subforum.

Since you espouse a coder mindset, I used Mac OS Summarize on your post:
I've already purchased an MPGuino, and I enjoy "playing the game" with the AI and gas mileage gauge whenever I drive, say, a Prius, so I plan to eventually rebuild my dash using that and a Raspberry Pi to get all kinds of data and also make my driving more efficient + comfortable.

...I'm not computer stupid but I am a little car-stupid, so I still need to figure out how to hook some of these things up.
Unfortunate that it dismisses the wish for a Delorean makeover. I'd suggest a plan that is half drivetrain and half aero. Major work on a vehicle you be homeless in sounds problematic. Consider a mild hybrid conversion using a 20hp altermotor and serpentine belt to replace the 4-cylinders' alternator. Then the majic electronics and a lithium-ion battery pack and you don't need shore power.

For aero, a full bellypan with difusser is worth the work. The bottom is as important as the top. Moon disks or coroplast simulations. A big problem, plus probably acoustically, is the side mirrors. Reduce down to the legal requirement* and use dashcams for visibility. You can put mirrors inside the side windows to cover blind spots.

* I'd go with street rod 4" round peep mirrors [with built-in turn signal repeaters] hung from the underside of the cab-over. And pool noodle half-rounds behind the cab doors.


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