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Have you actually gotten a "bill" for the extra $75 for your Insight? I've written a few recent letters to the Wis State Journal, but it seems to be insignificant/old news to them. And I don't think they have heard from much of the gas-only hybrid constituency - not many have gotten their $75 surprise yet. Basically, the folks that promised to collect $8M in taxes obviously found out that that can only work if they tax gas-only hybrids (mainly the majority Prius's). Otherwise, a couple hundred thou from plug-ins and full EVs. So now they are taxing the on-board electricity that happens to generate "stand-alone" efficiencies for this select (somewhat liberally oriented) group of car owners. This obviously ignores that fact that all those other on-board technologies, like tiny turbos and light weight materials generate loads more efficiencies (and way less gas tax revenue) than the Prius (and Insight) community ever will. Some other states got so embarrassed by this miscarriage that they eventually repealed the "electric efficiency" tax. Probably won't happen here, but we can try. I wrote legislators and the governor, but to no avail. The community is small, so unless it starts speaking with an embarrassment (what the f...) megaphone, we're probably stuck.


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Well they did it now my truck will be $85 a year
But my Insight and Volt will be $185 a year in this county, nice
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