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That cuts both ways. The Dymaxion house has some rough edges. It could have used another prototype.
Originally Posted by myself
Meanwhile, somewhere in Brazil, Bolsonaro proposes pooping on alternate days.
Freebeard complained about me mentioning Jarhead Poisonarrow, couple of weeks ago. Freebeard is a plagiarist, without having a reason to be so.
I never complained. Let's jump in the Wayback Machine:
Originally Posted by me
Originally Posted by you
Case in point: Jair Bolsonaro, elected Brazilian president, is really wacking the Amazon forest. Jarhead Poison is a super-"don'T rump"...
Poisonarrow? Name-calling doesn't help your cause.
I thought 'Jarhead Poison' was weak, and at Permalink #6230 I suggested an extension. You accused me of name-calling.

At Permalink #6453 I gave a source source and did not use your construction. I'll wait for your apology, but only for 48 hours.
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