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I appreciate your detailed response, but it is 0140, and I promised myself that I would get to bed at a reasonable time last night. I still have a PM to which I want to try to finish responding.

Eh. We have long felt that I had Asperger's. One psychologist suggested it, but said the label would not help me. Years ago I took out two women who asked if I had been diagnosed with Asperger's.

Is it expected or unexpected to ask people if they had been diagnosed with things while on a date with them?

When I was a substitute I said "Stupid" to a kindergarten class and they gasped.

It is not a bad word, but I decided I did not need to say it.

I watch Dave Ramsey clips whether or not they specify being a rant, just if the topic interests me.

I wonder why I attributed Bush's actions to President Obama, but then again, why do I say Bush and President Obama (one was my commander-in-chief. That should be capitalized, shouldn't it?)

I am sure that starting NP pay varies wildly by state, just like every other field.

My sister earned her BSN through NAU and her NP through Grand Canyon University. Both programs were on-line and required her traveling to Flagstaff to take tests.

My understanding is that NPs have far more hands-on experience than PAs.

As my math showed, there was a long ROI on switching. I am not going to calculate different scenarios, although I wonder if she could have tried to advance in her current field.

People should enjoy their jobs. Otherwise they would be like the Walmart cashier that was clearly unhappy to be there.

I should have said "What a coincidence! I don't want to be here, either!"

Okay, I found the video, which took a surprisingly long time to find, especially considering that I basically wrote out the title.

The caller specified his wife would need to quit her job to go back to school. The specific point is that they already owe $150,000 in debt:

I have looked into PMI (once again I should be working on projects instead of researching things I may or may not pursue months or years from now). I did not see anything about a minimum period, but I am sure a great deal of information was forgone. It is supposed to automatically dropped off once you only owe 78% of what it is worth, so you are supposed to be able to get out faster if your property gains value, although that would indicate it could take indefinitely to get out if your property loses enough value.

My sister bought her first house in 2006 and she bragged that it gained enough value for her to get out of mortgage insurance within months, so I guess there is not a minimum duration in Arizona.

According to Graham Stephan (or Meet Kevin), Dave was buying houses with ninety-day loans, and he kept renewing the loans until someone bought the bank and refused to renew. Dave seemed to confirm that in one of the videos that I watched on Wednesday.

By the way, someone asked Dave how to successfully flip and Dave told him to make sure he could turn a profit besides his hourly pay, otherwise just remodel for someone else.

You reserve one room in your house?

Mom and my sister have never liked my Civic. There are some dents and the paint has seen better days, but I honestly believe they dislike my car just because I like it, but nobody needs me to list my evidence for that theory.

I like my Civic and want to keep her as long as I can. I want to fix everything possible.

Mom goes back and forth between saying she wants a new car and she wants a 2017 Camry. She prefers that one's Predator mouth, but I cannot get the images to load right now, although both look absurdly big.

I do not know that any of Ramsey's rants are directed at anyone. The video I linked in #1 was him talking to the audience, not calling a specific person.

I do not have any idea how that would cause frustration and disappointment of others.

As I wrote before, people enjoy reaction videos. Here is one of Graham Stephen's father driving Graham's Tesla for the first time:

Here is one of a baby:

Then, of course, there are the jump-scare reaction videos, which are considered cheap.

Okay. It is 0240 and I am concluding this masterpiece of words and stuff.
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