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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
With regards to the guest speaker I referenced, the claim was that reducing meat consumption (by whatever means adopted by the individual) is:

a. healthier
b. reduces CO2 emissions
c. reduces the extent of farming operations that some might find objectionable, such as raising animals that grow to a size that immobilizes movement due to hormones and breeding

I added that meat is more expensive than other foods, which is probably the key issue for me since I don't like spending money on what is ultimately poop.

The overall point was that there's probably at least 1 reason most people would find compelling enough to reduce meat consumption by any amount of their own choosing.

JBP went the other direction and is on an all beef diet and cites several health benefits from doing so.

I've basically never noticed any difference in any changes in diet, so I'm not very motivated for "health" reasons. Give me a Big Mac or a bowl of pasta, and I'll feel the same (less hungry).
In his book(s),'How Not To Die',Dr. Michael Gregor fingered salt,sugar,high-fructose corn sugar,fat,processed foods,(the standard American diet) as the gateway to high blood pressure,clogged arteries,morbid obesity,type-2 diabetes,heart attack,and stroke.
On one physical,I went out of range on blood pressure and cholesterol.My doctor said they could prescribe meds,I opted for a lifestyle change.I went on a flexitarian diet,eating 'trash' only four meals a week,otherwise a vegan diet,and within 6-months,everything was back in normal range.
Gregor's tracked randomized,large-cohort,double-blind,placebo-controlled clinical trials and is convinced that perhaps 80% of all American illness can be reversed with diet and lifestyle.
Some cultures in the Arctic circle live totally off reindeer meat and milk products.I've got a neighbor that tried the KETO diet,and is gonna try vegan/vegetarian.
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