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Sociopathic much?

I understand your frustration but let me just say it's good for you that you post under a pseudonym. If you're ever involved in an accident (yes, I called it that), this series of posts would be rich evidence against you.

RE: it never actually being an accident, I really agree. There are precious few unavoidable two-car accidents, they are crashes that happened at the confluence of poor practice on both parts. Failure to take road conditions into account, failure to maintain vehicle, insufficient awareness of other vehicles, etc.

BOTH parts. Next time you're in any kind of crash, think on that. Where did you fail? Because you will have.

Actual accidents involve rocks or trees falling from outside a driver's field of view. Can't be helped. Schist happens.

But your absence of empathy just makes me really glad you live where you do, and I don't.

Lead or follow. Either is fine.
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