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Originally Posted by Xist View Post
I am trying to be productive, I just wanted to find the tab that I needed, and I ran across this:

The same dealership is asking $2,795 for a 2008 Prius, which also has unspecified miles. I am not sure where that would be here. At the bottom of the cluster, hidden by the dash?

Allegedly they had the 2010 for long enough to lower the price. I do not have any idea how long that was, but here is the 2008 on Craigslist reduced to $2,395 less than twenty-four hours ago:

It is older, does it have more miles, and was the 2010 there long enough to be reduced multiple times?

KBB says that a 2008 should have 125,314 miles and is worth $6,337 from a dealership. Increase that to 999,999 miles and it plummets to $5,037, and $3,607 private party.
I wish that I still had the table I compiled of Prii on Craigslist, but when I checked Kelley a couple of weeks ago, it said the 2010 with suggested miles (15,000 fewer!) was worth 30% more and 60% more with 999,999 miles than the 2008.

They do not seem to post mileage if it averaged at least 13,000 yearly. If it has 165,000 miles, KBB says it is worth $5,694 retail, and $4,264 private party.

All things being equal, how would a 2010 with 999,999 miles be worth more than a 2008 with 165,000?

I might as well ask how many miles it has, but I would not have time to drive out until at least Wednesday afternoon. Unless it has under 200,000 miles, I would not bother further unless they reduced it again.

They also have a "Gas-saving" 2006 V6 Sienna minivan for $2,400.

When has any V6 or minivan been a gas-saver? (It is rated 19/26)

A private owner is selling a 2007 Prius with 228,000 for $2,500.
Highway miles is only 10% wear and tear so 999k is only 99k true miles

STOP and go is like 200% wear and tear

so 100k city miles will have more engine wear
then a 100k highway miles

Why do you think people on CL claim it has "150k highways miles"


like mobil1 says our engine oil is good for 20k miles

they mean 20k highway miles

where in city mileage it might only be good for 25% of that or 5k miles
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