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I don't have any problems with insomnia.

Originally Posted by Xist View Post
Casper, Tuft and Needle, Leesa, and undoubtedly others.
I have seen countless ads on YouTube by the late King of Random, Bob of I Like to Make Stuff, and others. Bob has the best ads because he talks in a picture-in-picture while you can still watch him work on his project.

I bought a mattress off Amazon for $237.82. It came in a lightweight box, expanded quickly, did not smell, and was a mattress.

What do you expect?

I was happy to have a twin XL, the first mattress that I have ever had more than three inches longer than I am laying on it.

Normal mattresses have thick and tough covers. This reminded me of sweatshirt material. I took off the cover and there were two layers of foam, but it seemed to work.

However, I feel there is more to my tossing and turning than insomnia, is my mattress impeding my ability to sleep?

I should have gone to bed earlier last night, but I started tossing and turning two hours before I needed to wake up. My brother wakes up every single morning at four or five and lays down on the couch, so I got up and slept on his bed, which Mom bought from Big Lots.

It was amazing how much more comfortable it was! I think that when I have a chance I will visit Big Lots and quite possibly have them order me another twin XL. Their cheapest is $210 with 4.5 stars!

Nod by Tuft and Needle is rated 4.3 stars. Both have about five hundred reviews:

How many of you have ordered vacuum-sealed mattresses and how have they worked for you?
I grew up sleeping on a straw mat on a hard packed dirt floor. And we slept well! But we worked hard all day so that straw mat was a welcome site!

I simply follow the same work-sleep pattern. Work your butt off all day so you can sleep the sleep of the dead. In the morning, that hard pack is your alarm clock.
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