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Back to the thematic about meat, protein feed populations, and meat replacers to save animals, I found a interesting thing.

Well, like we all know we have natural and essential aminoacids. Acording sciene we need only to take essential aminoacids (8 types) to survive, since our body is capable to synthesize natural aminoacids (12 types).
The cost to industrial produce synthetic aminoacids today it's lower than ever, and there are studies about reduce cost of animal feeding by using only synthetic essential aminoacids, mixing some of it with conventional ration, reduzing the need of ration for birds, for example.

Maybe they could consider aminoacids suplementation as a way to reduce protein needs in food, since they just need to add essential aminoacids, while proteins have natural and essential aminoacids.

So, the meat replacements, in general with less protein than meat, and specially the vegan cheeses (most very poor in protein --exception to tofu--), would have a good benefit of get essential aminoacids.

But I'm confused. Have long term studies being made about reduce intake of natural aminoacids and use mostly essential aminoacids?
What if someone took only essential aminoacids and no natural aminoacids for a long time? What changes? Will somebody get higher methabolism due higher need to self (body) synthesize the natural aminoacids?
How it would affect the body, the enzymes, liver?

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