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Nazi made a huge intentionqal distortion. They found jews skilled and capable, and for them jews was taking german goods, money, jobs. So they found jews stronger and decided attack, starting label jews as weak, as a inferior race.

I think Nietzsche refer as strong the capables of find reason, and define as weak the incapability to be rational and coherent. Not the kind of darwinian sellection of the strong. And Darwin wasn't creating a phylosophy, but just describing the nature, the nature's characteristics hinself found cruel, not desirable for civilization and humanism.

The elimination of weakers, in nazi diabolic phylosophy, was more connect to their own people, since they murdered a lot of cronic ill or mental disable german kids, and sterelized many germans with depression and other psychiatric problems or german people with genetic disorders.

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I didn't say Nietzsche proposed mass murder; I said Nazism drew inspiration from Nietzsche's ideas. One of those ideas is ‹bermensch; the creation of being superior to mankind as it currently is. Nietzsche defined good as powerful and capable, and bad as weak and incapable. It's a very short leap in thought to interpret that ideology to mean that individuals or groups that do not benefit the powerful/capable should be eliminated so that progress is not held back.