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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
I never took any kind of art class beyond elementary school on account of it being retarded.
My time at Langley with my nasa friends confirmed it. They all said man made climate change is BS and were doing it for the funding to save their jobs/retirement.
That's all I needed to know.
In college if I would have submitted a project where I observed a single system for a little while, did nothing else then drew wild conclusions based on nothing else, didn't show anything about how those conclusions were reached I would have failed.
For example if I made a computer model and showed the result that is to be expected then didn't allow the instructor to see the program, instant fail. That means my computer model is BS and only makes a predetermined result.
Or I stole some one else's work.
It would seem mad driven climate change science is the only field where this extremely sketchy brand of science is allowed.
Only in a cult like environment does this pass the sniff test.
I apologize for any misunderstanding.I thought you had a couple years college and an Associate Arts degree,with course work for your time at the power plant.
Too bad your friends were just *****s.And ignoramuses.Had you looked beyond prostitutes you might have discovered scientists willing to forego their own salary and live in squalor in order to complete their research.
26-year-old,climatologist,Shawn Wight,died November 26,1997,from complications during ice-coring drilling on the Dauopa Ice Cap,Himalayan Tibetan Plateau,China.They had been drilling at 23,000-feet.
I don't know if S.Fred Singer ever put up with 33-days at minus 20-F for the Koch Brothers.

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