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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
The thought experiment isn't to think back to how you felt in the past, it's to imagine your current self in the past. The past is often fondly remembered due to youthful adventure; something which is ongoing with current youth.

No doubt there are people that have found more joy transitioning to a more primitive lifestyle, but that isn't the norm. Those aboriginals living in the jungles are coming out and adopting modern amenities. Running around naked exposed to the elements and dying at 30 doesn't appeal to them once they see there is an alternative.
I'm probably over-thinking it.If I took my current memories back with me,I suppose I'd lose my mind.
Southern California is all I have to relate to.It was pretty easy living.Money went further.Real income was greater.I remember a majority of single-earner families.Wives and mothers didn't need to work.I believe that my schooling was better than it is now.Many of my friends became millionaires.
I don't know what indigenous peoples would think about unemployment,repossession,bankruptcy,foreclosure,d rug abuse,alcoholism,homelessness,home assault,drive-by shootings,gang warfare,assassinations,robbery,embezzlement,murder ,rape,child abuse,suicide,war for resources.People are dying to get here,while 36,000 Americans take their own lives a year.
I still prefer books to the internet.It's a tough experiment.
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