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Originally Posted by Fat Charlie View Post
Co-gen all the way. Instead of just burning your favorite fuel for heat, burning it for power and harvesting the waste heat makes a lot more sense.

But with power brought in from the grid and heat being a modular thing in the corner of the basement, no builder is going to upgrade the electric service or add heat storage on a house that he's trying to build as cheaply as possible- he's not sticking around to pocket the savings. Homebuyers and realtors won't go for it either, because realtors can't properly price a feature whose savings build over time, and homebuyers just want to buy the house, not the next several years' worth of heat.
That's why we need regulations about efficiency, and our long-term consequences. When the oil rigs first came to Canada, they struck very high pressure natural gas. They only had a market for naptha, so they collected drops of that and vented the rest. If they had been allowed to continue, all the oil below would have been unrecoverable.

There is no excuse for a land vehicle to weigh more than its average payload.
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