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It's all about Diesel
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Originally Posted by Grant-53 View Post
If I want a standby generator I may build one that runs on wood gas.
Wood gas is interesting. If I lived in a house or a ranch instead of an apartment, sure I would give it a try, as it would also be able to process other cellulosic stock such as corn cobs, old clothes or some paper not suitable for recycling due to some contaminations (such as frying oil).

People in other localities may favor other options. An electric bike may be ideal for urban traffic. A Subaru Forester is useful in the Buffalo winters.
It's somewhat pointless to insist on an one-size-fits-all approach, as there will always be some compromise. Well, I am extremely favorable to Diesel engines, but sometimes I look at natural gas and biomethane as a better option for some operations.
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