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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
No security force has ever bailed me out, except perhaps for holding other nations and enemies of the state at bay. I sleep soundly because there is a sphere of protection and dedication to act against evil around me. That, and most people are not malevolent most of the time. If the police announced a walkout tomorrow, I'd be just fine, as well as any neighbor within my observation.

The real trick is knowing if you've been bitten by a rattlesnake, or pricked by a thorne. They have different levels of urgency.

Just because there has been loss of life does not mean a new code or requirements are necessary. Ladder falls are among the most deadly things we face, yet we don't place a ban on ladders. Their utility outweighs the loss we suffer, not to diminish the tragedy of those who have lost loved ones.

The salient fact of Turing isn't that he was gay, but his many accomplishments, just as the fact that I'm straight has nothing to do with anything except for the gender I find attractive.

My Japanese-American ancestry likewise is not of any interest with regard to my accomplishments (or failings). I consider myself Native (US) American culturally. The group I most closely identify with is the collection of cells comprising my body; that is to say myself, being the smallest minority group there is; an individual.
The security issue would be germane to the top 20% of the income spectrum,of which Adam Smith averred to.I don't know if you and your's would be subject to assault,murder,kiddnapping,ransom,etc. simply because of your position in the food chain.This is a very real concern for the wealthy.
My comment about safety was in the specific context of building codes.Everyone we encountered was predicated on loss of life.If for no other reason than to protect insurance company shareholder profits.
The comment about Turing is,that in my Republican household upbringing,I was exposed to racism,bigotry,anti-semitism,homophobia,etc.,and everyone except W.A.S.P.s were held in contempt just for being on the planet.Physical violence against these groups was a topic for casual conversation.
The point is,the irony,that, it is exactly these marginalized persons who made terrific contributions to mankind,whereas many of my own family,who hated all these people,made very little,if any difference,in bettering the world,even though quite a few fed pretty high on the food chain,sucking off the military industrial complex.
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