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The comment about Turing is,that in my Republican household upbringing,I was exposed to racism,bigotry,anti-semitism,homophobia,etc.,and everyone except W.A.S.P.s were held in contempt just for being on the planet.Physical violence against these groups was a topic for casual conversation.
The point is,the irony,that, it is exactly these marginalized persons who made terrific contributions to mankind,whereas many of my own family,who hated all these people,made very little,if any difference,in bettering the world
You were exposed to the out-group xenophobia that 99.4% of humanity acts out, if not expresses.

There is additional irony in that the Left now embodies those traits today.

Witness "Get woke, eat folk", the BDS movement, Contrapoints being de-personed, and Marianne Williamson realizing that the rabid attacks all come from her side.

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