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Yeah, I commented something like that in other posts. Indeed many fake meat (vegan meat replacers) like plant burger that try to mimic meat, have more salt and as much or more fat, like coconut fat (saturated fat) than real meat burgers.
About salt vegan burger of second generation (try to mimic flavor and texture of beef) it's compared to raw beef, but I imagine even most cooked beef burger have less salt than such vegan burgers.

The actual fashion of vegan burgers, like Impossible Burger or Beyound Burger, it's more to attract meat eater, rather than take vegans. It's more conneted to save animals and save land, the environment.

People's taste, at least from meat eaters, are often used with much fat and salt, used with strong flavors. When someone quit eat meat the sense of taste changes, get more sensible, and many thing a person disliked starts to got taste. That's why I think vegans should demand vegan burgers with heaqltier recipe, cause if they start to eat too much of Beyond and Impossible burgers thay can drop their health situation in terms of blood pressure and cholesterol.

Today there are some yeast extracts that increse sense of flavor and increase sensibility to salt, reducing the need of salt in some degree, and reducing the need of extra fat. Not sure it they reduce enough to the point of allow tastefull flavor with low level of both. And I'm not sure about the price.

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