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The taste it's different. You can replace some portion of sodium with potassium, but not all. I read a text about a yeast extract that reduced the key taste of potassium, allowing a highr portion of it with sodium. I supose if they could combine the use of this yeast extract, to allow more potassium, plus the yeast extract that enhance the taste of salts (sodium), they could reduce sodium quite expressively.

The fats are complex. Impossible Foods reduced the coconut oil (satured fat -not good for health) and added some sunflower oil (non satured fat-better for health), reducing the total amount of satured fat in Impossible Burger. But sunflower oild it's liquid in room temperature.
I don't kniow how they keep it in flakes, since the burger have flakes of solid oil to simulate fat on grill, and even the sound. Maybe a mix of coconut with a small proportion sunflower oil keep it still solid, or they tried someting else.

All oils that are solid in room temperature are bad for health, like coconut oil and palm oil, both rich in satured fats.
There is a process called hydrogenation, that make vegetal liquid oild became solid or near solid, but they also became as bad for health as pig fat. They are called trans fat.

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To an extent they can replace sodium with potassium. You can buy "Light Salt" which is a combination of the two.

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