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Well, thin air making food it's quite attractive as curiosity. But synthetic aminoacids are a reality in interesting prices, as production technologies got refined and more efficient. It don't need to be made from air, but the news about use CO2 it's attractive marketing to call attention.

There are studies showing the possibility of use synthetic aminoacids mixed with ration for birds, to lower the cost. They just add the essential aminoacids using synthetic aminoacids, while add no synthetic natural aminoacids, since they are not needed. I don't know if birds profile for essential aminooacids are equal or very similar to human needs. I presume humans needs to eat more kinds of aminoacids than birds, since birds can survive with just corn (I think).

And my personal opinion is that aminoacids, vitamins and energy (fat and carbohydrater and sugars) are not all we need. Plants have many more good things for us, and there are things we will probably find latter that are necessary to lower some risks of diseases.

And the more we became dependant of technology to survive, the more fragile we get. If a enemy would try to destroy a highly technology dependent society, they would just need to destroy energy supply, usines. And there is a atomic weapon that do just that, cut the energy without destroy cities, since it's detonated in high altitude.
And one giant solar flare could burn energy transformers in a entire side of Earth.

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Growing vegetables or meat expels cabonic acid. Creating life-precursor proteins will eventually be carbon negative. Currently 1/10th of vegetables and 1/100th of meat.

Protein from air and water will be a feedstock to lab grown meat.
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