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I did not get to bed until an hour after I wanted and still woke up an hour before my alarm. I do not know what the electrical parts cleaner did, if anything, I could still see droplets of oil on the end of the boots. I used a dozen Q-tips, which I guess pulled out traces of used motor oil. I installed the new distributor. The engine started and died immediately. I neglected to take a picture of the rotor location, so I removed the distributor, rotated it 180, and it did not start again, so I did it again.

Start, die, nothing, nothing, start, and run. I returned the rental, $61 for 24 miles in two days, and drove my Accord to work.

There were three misfires when I dropped Mom off at home, but did not notice any while driving, and no engine codes are pending.

Breakfast would have been nice though. I am sure that I will miss lunch, too.
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