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Originally Posted by Piotrsko View Post
Be very careful on the batteries, there's a lot of junk masquerading as quality. The battery guy I go to talks of all these wonder cells that actually test as used standards with fancy shrink wrap covers.
Too true, 'Mooch' who does a bunch of lipo battery testing and has seemingly created an independent website of detailed experimental results, for a galaxy of cells and manufacturers, generally points to ebay as a source of a lot of counterfeits.

However the Sony - VTC5A model, is hard to copy. Alongside the authentic weight and appearance that 'Mooch' makes available, more difficult attributes of the cell, unlike others, is that very high 80 Amp pulse discharge capability.

I have an airsoft 'gun' that I've modded to accept these cells specifically and while I haven't bought from ebay, if or when I do, I'll know straight away of the cells are a fake. As other lipo designs just don't have that high discharge capability, so I'll hear the motor struggling and the suspect 'VTC5A' battery, heating up on full auto. Due to other cells having higher internal resistance.

Not exactly 'scientific proof' of 100% authenticity but as they say 'proof in the pudding is in the eating of it'.
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