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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
The forum allows pix after the first five posts, so make a few here and there and it should work.

I guess your looking to do an alternator delete? I'd be more inclined to add a 20hp altermotor with serpentine belt and up-rate the battery pack to make it a mild hybrid.

A mild hybrid would be a neat idea, especially as I do a lot of highway/motorway driving here in Ireland, that the 'Geo metro' isn't the most suited for, in fuel efficiency.

It's what got me thinking of doing a total engine swap, towards something more efficient in the sustained role, of keeping the vehicle at 120 Km/h in a prolonged highway travel. I haven't found any that fit the criteria. That on paper, point to definite large savings. An engine, at sub 50 horsepower(36 kW), or if one cannot be found, a kind of supplemental auxillary-power mini-IC engine mod, in which a small engine probably no more than ~5 horsepower, is added under the hood, just sufficent to keep the car moving at highway speeds?

Albeit finding the name of such an efficient motor. Do they exist? Is as much a roadblock as the thought you've put in my head, of a 20 horsepower EV altermotor, engaging intermittently, in a pulse-and-glide cycle, just to keep the car moving at the highway speeds, that the stock 50 hp engine has got the car up to and reached. Could that result in large savings?

This mild EV hybrid, would be something of the reverse of the usual arrangement, of the EV motor used for short distance travel and the IC engine only engaged, for long, once the battery-pack is depleted.

Though it might make more sense, to wonder about reversing the typical mild-hybrid arrangement,as in this particular commute situation, it's 90% highway and a 200 km round trip, morning and evening. With the driver doing as much pulse-and-glide as other drivers around, permit.

Having googled around there, I haven't found much online about the addition of a mild-hybrid to a geo metro.

While 'CoyoteX' added a proof-of-concept' 'mild hybrid' motor system for short distance travel here, in this thread, they interestingly dissuade anyone from following in their particular foot steps, as the chain-drive kept snapping...would there be a go-to 'mild hybrid' motor and transmission system, you could recommend?


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