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//// Atkinson cycle Diesel ////

Hi All,

Just recently learned how hybrid cars running an atkinson cycle engine gets more fuel mileage but I have several questions...

1) Given the "same" engine (other than the cam to alter the intake valve closing) how much more efficiency does the atkinson style of operation yield over the otto cycle engine ?

2) Has anybody tried making a diesel engine operate on the atkinson cycle? THAT would seem like the ultimate in efficiency (a diesel is more efficient to start with then using an atkinson cycle to boot ? I'm drooling at the possibilities!).

Acutally I wonder ho much a custom can costs to do that ? .... I'll research and see what I can find .... no THAT and making it into a hybrid WOW (I have access to a TDI 1.9 L ALH engine unless my buddy sells it beforehand!).


2003 Jetta TDI Wagon, 5 sp, 210K miles, Stock.....for now!
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